One-step anchoring system speeds wall hangings and eliminates unnecessary drywall holes.

El Monte, CA.  August 28, 2017 – Sunlite Industrial Corporation, in collaboration with JB Fastener & Consulting announced the availability of SpeedyAnchorTM and SpeedyHangerTM, a new and innovative duet of wall hanging hardware. Both SpeedyAnchorTM and SpeedyHangerTM take the guesswork out of hanging pictures, shelving, TVs, and a host of other wall decor with first time success almost guaranteed.

Unlike current wall hanging hardware, SpeedyAnchorTM and SpeedyHangerTM, employ a patented design that first drills through the drywall with an integrated drilling tip. Then, SpeedyAnchorTM and SpeedyHangerTM automatically morph a locking retainer nut behind the wall board that securely snugs the anchor or hanger in place.

SpeedyAnchorTM is best used for supporting objects such as shelving and wall mounted TV supports. SpeedyHangerTM uses the same patented drill-and-morphed-nut feature, but offers a 0.25-inch standoff extension that provides a means of support for wall decor, photos and framed art.

SpeedyAnchorTM and SpeedyHangerTM are available in retail packaging of two, six and twenty-five pieces. A 100-piece contractor pack is also available.

SpeedyAnchorTM and SpeedyHangerTM can be seen and will be demonstrated October 17–19, 2017 at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, Booth #336.